Olive green front of the 2022 wellbeing and positivity diary from Thank You For. Displayed on a mirrored bedside table and grey and cream bed linen showing
Wellbeing and positivity diary 2022 showing brilliant content of breathing exercises for relaxation and the key elements of emotional wellbeing. This diary is unique to Thank You For who design and create it. Best seller in 2021 it is displayed on the bedside table under cosy lamp light
A5 wellbeing and positivity diary 2022 from Thank You For open at a double page showing date entries current month and month ahead. Stood up behind the open diary is the Olive green front of the 2022 wellbeing diary. displayed on a mirrored side table with cosy lamp light
Lady in comfortable leisure wear sits crossed legged on a settee reading her wellbeing and positivity diary 2022. The pages are open at the month of August and a week which features an entry about how the moon can affect your dreams moods and behaviour. In front of her another wellbeing diary showing the olive green front, sits on a silver laptop. bedsides that is a guitar suggesting this person is engaging in her hobbies for wellbeing. Available to purchase from www.thankyoufor.co.uk
Thank You For A5 wellbeing and positivity diary 2022. A premium diary that features the usual dates and months key events and space to write entries but also features tips about how to live life with positivity and wellbeing in mind. In the image the diary is open on the dining table at a page showing days and dates in a week in March 2022. it shows 6 events and contains a wellbeing prompt which is about how to use crystals in the pursuit of wellbeing
A young lady sits cross legged on a big cushions on the floor with her wellbeing and positivity diary 2022 balanced on her knees. She is about to write an entry of the day 29 May 2022. She's in a lounge and beside her is a white metal and glass side table which shows another copy of the 2022 wellbeing and positivity diary. The olive green front of the diary and a candle sit on the table. The rug which she's sitting on it blue and white. she is leaning against a vintage leather sofa
The Thank You For positivity and wellbeing diary 2022 sits on the edge of a console table which also features a lamp plant tall candle and short candle. Diary is available from www.thankyoufor.co.uk
Thank You For A5 premium quality personal wellbeing and positivity diary 2022 shown open at Sunday 29 May and content which promotes why we should care about the worlds oceans.. The wellbeing weekly tracker circles are also just visible and there's a view of the month ahead. The feature also suggest how the reader can help save the ocean provides links to UNESCO and denotes World Environment Day 2022
Created by Thank You For the wellbeing and positivity diary 2022 sits on a bedside table laid open at an interesting page promoting the power of positive thinking. the image also helps to illustrate the layout of the diary with each double page showing a view of the current month and one of the month ahead as well
Image shows a lady filling in her wellbeing and positivity diary with a gold pen whilst working at the wooden dining table. Here work space also features a white Sonos music speaker tall candle short candle spider plant and a second copy of the olive green wellbeing diary 2022 balanced on a silver laptop
Blonde lady holding the 2022 wellbeing and positivity diary created by Thank You For. The cover is a beautiful olive green colour. She's holding it open so both front and rear to the A5 sized diary are visible.
A lady sits on her daybed reading her wellbeing and positivity diary 2022 which has been created by Thank You For. Her day bed and lap is covered in comfortable soft blankets and cushions beside her is her laptop and a soothing pink candle. She is enjoying a moment to herself with her diary 2022.

Wellbeing and positivity diary 2022

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This premium diary will provide the focus you’ll need to effectively manage your time, wellbeing, positivity, and mindset in one place. Each week contains encouraging tips and ideas that will help you live your best life, in an organised and productive way; able to manage stress, feel fulfilled and enjoy a positive outlook. 

Plan your weeks with space each day for notes, scribbles, and your own personal goals and reminders. See at a glance, the current month and month ahead. The diary also features key dates, events and celebrations throughout 2022.

  • New for 2022, the weekly wellness tracker 
  • Useful wellbeing techniques and practices
  • Rest, relaxation and stress management tips
  • Breathing exercises
  • Effective tips for eco, reuse, recycling and sustainability 
  • A favourite recipe, fun activities, colouring and mindfulness 
  • Dates go from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022. 


It also contains tips on how to manage stress and change, steps to positive mental health, how to harness the effects of kindness, gratitude and positive self-talk, healthy eating, the benefits of lifelong learning and effective goal setting, managing your time and to-do lists positively, celebrating achievements, how to boost your self-esteem, alternative and complementary therapies, using your time and hobbies for wellbeing and the benefits of friendship and staying connected. Plus, there’s reflective and uplifting quotes.

Colour: Available in beautiful olive green.


  • 228 lined pages of 100 gsm white paper, secured in a case bound spine.
  • Features an incredible soft-to-touch finish on the front and rear cover which will protect the diary and keep it looking new.

Dimensions: A5 or W:156 x L:217 x D:20 mm.

Postage and packaging: Royal Mail first class (2 - 4 business days) or FREE local delivery.

Eco credentials: All the diaries, postcards, cards and notebooks available from Thank You For are printed in the UK using sustainable resources.

Gifting options:

  • Simply add the recipient’s name and delivery address when prompted at check out.
  • Optional FREE gift-wrapping service worth £5.
  • Wide choice of wrapping and ribbon.

Bonus benefits:

  • Wellbeing experts suggest that keeping a daily diary makes you happier by helping you to gain the right balance between managing the demands on your time and carving out dedicated time to look after yourself.
  • Research also suggests that writing things by hand also benefits your brain and wellbeing as it boosts learning, creativity, problem-solving and helps you to relax.