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Rose dry gin

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Inspired by heady British Summers and the pink of Valentines and Mothers Day, Rose is a pink gin with that classic dry gin style.

Hand crafted in exclusive batches, it contains nine botanicals including rose petals, raspberries, mint and vanilla to create it’s distinctive, moreish flavour and aroma.

Whilst beautifully elegant to the eye, watch out as it has a wild side that you'll discover!

ABV: 40% volume. 

Distillery: Hand made in Mobberley, Cheshire UK.

Serving suggestion from fans: Fever-Tree Indian tonic (or other tip-top tonic) with raspberry and mint to boost.

Postage and packaging: Free local hand delivery or by Royal Mail standard class for £6.95 per bottle. Delivery takes between 3 to 5 working days.

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