Partner crafters and creatives

Thank you for… combines mindfulness, mindset and making.

We feature beautiful things that are crafted and created with love and ethically made.

Here are some of the brilliant crafters and creatives from around the UK that we've partnered with so that you can reach out and send beautiful gifts, or treat yourself.


CODE Beautiful makeup and skincare was founded in 2014 by the talented sisters Sarah and Emma Cross. Fed up with beauty products that over promise and under delivered, the sisters set to work creating a cosmetics brand that fulfilled its promises.

They used the opportunity to create products based on what consumers actually need and want, asking and listening to consumer feedback. As a result they committed to creating simple products of uncompromising quality. After all, “you are what makes you beautiful”.

Having achieved award winning recognition and success with their launch product, volumising and lengthening mascara - CODE VLM, they have grown the range by creating additional makeup and skincare products to meet consumer needs and requests, enjoying natural, organic growth.

Recommended time and time again by influential, professional makeup artists, celebrities, and beauty retailers, CODE Beautiful products are now established as a trusted industry favourite.

To top it all the products are accredited by PETA as a ‘cruelty free and vegan brand’, and the boxes are 100% recyclable. CODE Beautiful never tests on animals and never will, and in every step of the manufacturing process they are mindful to protect the planet.

Owner of Thank You For Jodi Hamilton wearing her favourite Lily sterling silver earrings by Dollybird Gems


Dollybird Gems jewellery is hand crafted in Cheshire and features simple, effective contemporary designs that are incredibly beautiful and easy to wear.

These selective pieces are made with love using sterling silver, gold vermeil, semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls. Wear the bracelets as singles or stacked together for dramatic effect.  

Here's me wearing 'Lily's silver earrings' - I love them because they are so simple, impactful and chic. They go with various outfits and styles and best of all - they never hurt my ears.

Personalitee clothing with style

Personalitee: Bold clothing designs with personality, using superior organic cotton fabrics for their wardrobe staples.

Thank you for partner with Personalitee because they’re committed to using sustainable materials, treating their suppliers fairly and being kind to our world without sacrificing quality. Items are 100% organic cotton, fair trade and made to last. 

Sissie Green ethical soy wax candles in a range of fab scents with up to 50 hours burn time. Vegan friendly. Toxin free.

Sissie Green: Provide luxury wax products at affordable prices, whilst being kind to the world we sometimes take for granted.

The sisters behind the brand, craft all their products personally, and from the very start decided they must be friendly to the environment, animals, and be suitable for vegans - whilst still looking and smelling amazing. To achieve this, they use 100% soy wax, which also lasts up to 50% longer than paraffin wax products.

Sleep natural hand poured non toxic soy wax candle that complements wellbeing - made by Manchester Candles and displayed with just some of the natural scents that are featured


Thank You For also features a range of candles that complement wellbeing, made by Manchester Candles.

Made from natural ingredients, the candles, wax melts and room sprays by Manchester Candles, are produced using the finest quality materials.

All the fabulous, scented candles are hand poured and made with non-toxic, soy wax. All the fragrance oils are premium quality and cruelty free, making them 100% Vegan.

The presentation boxes, which accompany the room sprays, are also made from recycled materials and the sprays contain no colourants or dyes.

Thank You For has purposely chosen a range of products that complement wellbeing, so be encouraged to light your candles and spritz your room whilst taking a long soak in the bath, when preparing for bedtime, whilst doing some yoga or stretches, and whilst meditating or relaxing.

Scents like chamomile, sandalwood and lavender will naturally make you feel calm, less stressed and more relaxed, whilst peppermint and eucalyptus, invigorate and cleanse, providing you with a boost of energy.

Please see our blog for some great wellbeing breathing exercises which you may like to try, and there’s an easy to make superhero, superfood recipe for ginger tea – totally cleansing, with health boosting properties.



The Big Hill Distillery: Spirit of George and Rose dry gins are small batch gins that are hand made in Mobberley, Cheshire, UK every Tuesday evening. Since 2017, it's founders and creators have been lovingly distilling gin and winning awards for their refreshing, contemporary style, which is distinct to any you'll have tried before.  

George is made in honour of George Mallory, the celebrated mountaineer and explorer, who was part of the first three British expeditions to Mount Everest, Nepal. He too was born and lovingly raised in Mobberley, just like this gin.

It’s unique, distinctive, smooth taste features a touch of Himalayan tea as it’s star botanical, making it perfect to enjoy with a cold tonic, over ice and slice of orange. 

Rose is inspired by heady British Summers and the pink of Valentines and Mother's day. It's a pink gin with that classic dry gin style. Hand crafted in exclusive batches, it contains nine botanicals including rose petals, raspberries, mint and vanilla to create it’s distinctive, moreish flavour and aroma. 

These beautiful gins are currently sold out - sorry.