This space is dedicated to sharing and celebrating inspirational things that motivate, or spark us in to creating, making and doing things.

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What inspires you? What stimulates your creativity? What makes you create and do things?

The definition of inspiration is "the excitement of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity." But I like to simplify it to, "see things, feel things, do things".

Inspiration can be found in lots of different places, people and forms. Ideas and emotions can spark from listening to a story or a song, from reading or watching a film, from enjoying art or a spectacular view and from being in new surroundings.

By sharing and celebrating inspirational things we hope in turn, it helps you see, feel and create. It's also been said that "sightseeing is the new wellbeing!"

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 Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, Cheshire 

WOW! If you want to be blown away by science, cosmology, astrophysics, architectural structures, nature and beauty then visit Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre in the heart of leafy Cheshire, UK.

If you like facts, it has bucket loads. If you like architectural structures you can watch the Grade 1 listed, famous Lovell Telescope rotate in operational glory. Trust me, you do not need to understand the mind blowing science to be inspired by this place and the people who made it, and make it happen. 

It's a UNESCO World Heritage site, recognised for its tremendous scientific endeavours and outstanding universal value, and for its role in achieving a transformational understanding of the Universe.

Owned by The University of Manchester, you can't help but be mesmerised by all it has to offer - even if you just choose to sit and eat cake and drink coffee from the fabulous cafe! 

It inspires because it's awesome and full of wonder, and because it delves in to the unknown. It opens up new possibilities and opportunities - and reminds you that anything's possible if you have the right mindset.