Jodi Hamilton Chief Thanker at Thank You For having lunch with friends at Dylans Restaurant Criccieth North Wales. The sun is shining, the table is outside next to the beach and promenade, she is wearing a black and cream patterned dress and the best selling silver earrings from the on line store. The earrings are called Lily's earrings and they come in both silver and gold

What's Thank You For about?

Thank You For features a range of stylish gifts and treats, made by talented UK crafters and creatives, makers and menders.

Thank You For celebrates the love they pour in to the beautiful things they make. Support they talents while sharing and showing gratitude.

The image says in black text on a white background - Made with Love. It's designed to have the feel that it's been hand written.

Be encouraged to reach out and recognise the things that people do which make a difference, no matter how simple or small. 

Say thank you for friendship, support, a favour, acts of kindness, especially when this makes you feel appreciated, lucky and a sense of belonging.

Thank you for is about showing gratitude and generosity in an authentic way. 

With gratitude

Being thankful for the good things in life and acknowledging the meaningful actions of others is proven to improve your positivity and wellbeing. It's a win-win combination, cementing friendships and relationships with positive, contagious effects.

Two female friends are giving each other a big close hug. One has coloured skin and the funkiest blonde afro hair while you can only see the black hair of the other female. The image symbolises close friendship. It was chosen because it also feels like they could be saying a big Thank You to each other.

Positivity and wellbeing

That's why the treats and gifts we feature frequently include aspects of positivity and wellbeing. Be encouraged to say thank you for what you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Recognise the things others have done for you and both of you will smile. It's mindset.

Treats and gifts

Inspired by nature and people, Thank You For offers cards, postcards, candles, homeware, beauty, skin care, jewellery, personal notebooks and diaries. We also have an e-gift card, which you can load up and email instantly to the lucky recipient.

Some of the products and crafters are award winning and we're constantly adding beautiful things to the on line shop, some of which are pre loved and ready to be re loved.

With a conscience 

Our philosophy is to work with supplier partners that use natural, sustainable or recycled materials, to create ethically produced items.

If you are a talented crafter or creative who would like to know about joining our band of merry makers and menders, please email hello@thankyoufor.co.uk - we'd love to hear from you.


Thank You For… combines mindfulness, mindset and making and supports crafters and creatives around the UK.

Sending love to all you Thank You For customers