What's Thank You For about?

It's about reaching out and recognising the things that people do which make a difference, no matter how simple or small. 

Say thank you for friendship, support, a favour, acts of kindness, especially when this makes you feel appreciated, lucky and a sense of belonging.

Thank you for is about showing gratitude and generosity in an authentic way. 

Treats and gifts

We provide a range of beautiful treats and gifts sourced from ethical crafters, creatives, makers and menders around the UK. It's a great way to show your support for their talents and handy work, in to which they pour so much love.  

From simple cards, postcards, personal notebooks and diaries; to candles, pottery, artwork, jewellery and flowers. We're looking to keep adding to the range as we grow. 


With a conscience 

Our philosophy is to work with supplier partners that use natural, sustainable or recycled materials, to create ethically produced items.

Positivity and wellbeing

The treats and gifts we feature frequently include aspects of positivity and wellbeing. Be encouraged to say thank you for what you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Being grateful for, and recognising the things others have done for you, has positive, proven impacts on wellbeing. It's a mindset.

Thank You For… combines mindfulness, mindset and making and supports crafters and creatives around the UK.