World Book Day - The benefits of reading

Invest in yourself and others on World Book Day                                  

There are real, proven health benefits to be had from reading. Aside from escapism and being lost in the moment, research suggests the benefits of reading go much deeper. 

In adults, reading can reduce stress and slow cognitive decline. It can also improve your sleep, boost your intelligence and enhance social skills, like empathy. 

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Reading increases the understanding of our own identity and improves empathy as it gives us an insight into the views and behaviours of others. In turn, this can positively impact on our sense of connectedness to the wider community, as we find like-minded groups to engage with and activities to enjoy.

People that read frequently for pleasure report that they feel comfortable mixing with diverse groups of people and generally feel ‘in tune’ with groups. They feel less hesitant to start a conversation and put this down to the fact that they’ve developed a broad perspective on life, from reading books.

“Reading for pleasure builds empathy and improves wellbeing.” The Reading Agency.

Research by Professor Yvonne Kelly, based at UCL, USA, found that children who are read to most frequently are ‘much more likely to thrive and do well in all aspects of their lives.’

At ages three and five, children who are read to just once a week are four times more likely to have behaviour problems than children who are read to daily. And at the ages of three and five, children who are read to daily, do better in all tests that predict how well they will get on at school – including how well they talk, knowing their numbers, shapes and colours.

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