New Gifts and Treats

At Thank You For this month, we're launching lots of new gifts and treats from enormously talented and respected, crafters and creatives.

Hand crafted earrings and bracelets from Dolly Bird Gems - with a specially selected, beautiful apple green gem stone that's all about gratitude. 

Hand poured candles from the Sissie Green sisters that are 100% soy wax - so they have an extended burn time, as well as being environmentally friendly. They get EXTRA kudos for also being cruelty free and vegan.

A slogan tee from Personalitee which announces loud and proud - "It's cool to be kind". This wardrobe staple is made to last, is super cool, ethically sourced and made from 100% organic cotton, with a fair trade assurance. 

Coming soon - a superb hand crafted dry gin that's just superb!  And yes we're keeping the brand a secret ... for now.

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In this month when we celebrate love and friendship, come to Thank You For to find gifts and treats full of imagination as well as gratitude.