My wellbeing and positivity diary 2022

How my wellbeing and positivity diary came about

At the end of 2020 I made a promise to focus more time on my own wellbeing, and to afford more family time to do the things we love, like being outdoors in the fresh air, cycling, walking and exploring new places. I became conscious that my daughter was growing up fast and I didn’t want to miss out or mess up.

Little did I know that it would lead to me starting my own business, writing and creating a positivity and wellbeing diary, and to us moving house. So, as I reflect on 2021, it’s certainly been a year of change and of achievement. There’s been high’s, lows and some real challenges, but overall, we’ll score it as a successful year of firsts and flippin’ ‘ecks!

Self-care isn't as selfish as it sounds

It sounds very selfish doesn’t it, to purposely set out to make more time for yourself? I think it’s the most selfish I’ve ever been and the least selfish I’ve ever been at the same time. I’ve made time to listen to myself, my body and mind, which in turn has enabled me to give more and be more for other people – family and friends.

As a result, I’m healthier, happier, less stressed, more present in the moment, more aware and vulnerable to sensing and feeling things, and yet more resilient at the same time. Above all, I’m very grateful for what I have.

I’ve learned why self-care, recognising achievements, making connections, and purposefully enjoying life is so important and central to wellbeing, and to having and enjoying a positive mindset.

Making use and sense of things I've learned and practiced

From late last year, I decided to start tracking and keeping notes about my wellbeing journey, capturing lots of different research, articles, quotes, notes, practices and observations. It’s how I like to remember things, make reminders and forge a path, a plan. I found this approach so useful that I started to collate what I’d learned and done, and ultimately decided to use the information to create my own positivity and wellbeing diary. I truly hope it’ll be helpful to other people.

Published and available to share

In the last few weeks, around moving house and home, settling my daughter in to a new school and familiarising the cat with lots of new places to snooze, my wellbeing diary has been published.

Now it’s time to share it, which is very scary! So here's a link to the 2022 Wellbeing and Positivity Diary branded Thank You For, which is my new company.

Wellbeing and positivity diary 2022 by Thank You For

It’s full of encouraging hints, tips, useful facts, fun things to do and quotes which I hope will help people live life with a positive mindset. It’s based around my own well-being practices, personal struggles, love of the outdoors and coping mechanisms for modern life.

It has all the usual things a diary must have, key dates to look out for, space to scribble dates, birthdays, reminders etc and it contains UK wide events and initiatives that you can participate in.

Plus, it’s also got entries at the end of each week, designed to challenge and/or inspire you, with tips and reminders to help you live life with positivity and wellbeing in mind.

There are features about reducing stress and anxiety, helpful breathing, meditation and mindfulness techniques, tips about how to be more productive, how to embrace change, make meaningful connections, and about how to develop habits that make positive thinking possible.

Enjoy and please give your feedback

I hope you like my wellbeing and positivity diary and find it useful. Please enjoy and I’d love to hear your feedback. 


Jodi Hamilton

Chief Thanker x

Wellbeing and positivity diary 2022 by Thank You For Ltd. Image shows page sample.