How Thank You For started

“Getting away with it all my life” by Electronic.

Whilst I was driving up to Cumbria to see some friends in September 2020, there was a moment when the clouds cleared and the blobs of rain subsided, the sun appeared, and I suddenly felt very thankful.

Thankful for the change in seasons as leaves turn russet and golden, the mornings colder; for the mist that collects and then clears to reveal the beauty of nature and impressive countryside views for miles and miles into the distance.

For a moment the worries, impacts and restrictions of Covid-19 were gone, eliminated by positive thoughts about how lucky I felt to be experiencing these views and the natural progression of time and change.

Within seconds Lauren Lavern played one of my favourite tracks on BBC 6 Music, “Getting away with it” by Electronic. Random thoughts flashed through my mind:

Manchester, the place I love for its people and creativity. University, being carefree and young when we danced all night. My husband and my daughter who I love so much it made tears well in my eyes and a lump form in my throat. Protectively I wanted them with me, in the moment, to share the moment.

I sang as loud as I could in my own bubble, wrong words, right words, no one listening, no one to judge. Goose bumps formed and the hairs on my arms stood upright, 90 degrees to the sky.

And in that moment of mixed emotions, tears, fears and freedom I shouted out loud, “thank you for today, love, life and tomorrow!"