George’s gin martini with raspberries. It's cocktail time

Named after the beautiful, small batch, hand crafted, Spirit of George dry English gin; this gin martini cocktail is perfect for a spring, summer evening sitting in the garden. Can’t guarantee the sunshine, but can guarantee you’ll love it.

Refreshing, totally tempting to the eye and taste buds, it’s a winner every time.

Taste as you go to get the right balance of sweet and sour flavours.


Here’s how to make it:

Fill a cocktail shaker with crushed ice,

Pour in a double measure of Spirit of George dry English gin,

And a single measure of Cinzano Vermouth Bianco,

Then a splash of Rosé Prosecco – taste and add more to suit.

Shake, stir, rattle and roll.


Pour from the shaker into your favourite gin glass,

Add a handful of raspberries and sugar syrup if you want a splash of sweetness.

Et Viola – your George Gin Martini with raspberries.


Thank you for cocktail time!

And thank you to my lifelong buddy Suzanne, who’s love of a tipple is legendary. This recipe was her creation, after experimenting with George dry gin and various accompaniments. Just like her, it has a naughty twist and is central to a good party.

Thank you for friendship and shared times!