Did you know that handwriting benefits our brains and wellbeing?

Group of friends handwriting in notebooks to problem solve together. They are jotting down ideas highlighting things and discussing

Keep handwriting, as well as typing – there are proven advantages

In a world dominated by ecommerce, smartphones, desktops, laptops and digital transformation, it’s easy to let handwriting skills fall away, but scientific research suggests handwriting benefits our brain and wellbeing in many ways.

The five benefits of handwriting:

  1. Boosts learning.
  2. Sparks creativity.
  3. Sharpens your brain.
  4. Improves your problem-solving skills.
  5. Relaxes your mind.

Handwriting boots learning

Writing by hand and typing into a computer uses different parts of the brain, and this has an impact on our learning abilities. The process and movements we make when writing activates larger areas of the brain than when we type, including the areas that take care of language, healing, thinking and memory.

We understand information conveyed to us better when we handwrite because it requires the brain to process the information and change the way something is expressed or considered into our own words. By reframing things, it helps the learning and memory process.

Handwriting sparks creativity

Many favourite authors and celebrated thinkers purposely wrote their creations by hand, instead of using a typewriter, Dictaphone or tablet - J.K Rowling, Franz Kafka and Ernest Hemingway to name but a few.

It’s the speed that makes the difference. Writing is slower and this provides more time to process thoughts, which also gives creative ideas the chance to come to life and develop.

Putting pen to paper can sharpen your brain

Retaining the brain’s ability to process, retrieve and store information, is also helped through writing by hand. This is called cognitive ability. So, write to train your brain and keep it sharp, especially as you grow older.

FYI sleep is also an important factor for mental health and cognitive strength. Getting an appropriate amount of quality sleep allows your brain the time it needs to repair and regenerate by processing the information you have learned throughout the day.

Handwriting can improve problem-solving skills

Try it next time you have a problem. Handwriting can help clear the mind of confusion, making it easier to reach a solution. Try ‘brain dumping’ issues and your ideas down on to a pad or in to notebook.

It should help you see and conceptualise what the next steps should be by helping you organise thoughts, knowledge, facts and observations and to spot patterns and connections.

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Handwriting relaxes your mind

Yes the world is fast-paced, but finding the time to sit down and write can help focus the mind and provide a way to relax and be mindful.

It’ll force you to slow down, be patient and think about what you want to communicate.

Similarly, doodling, painting and colouring are ways to find moments of peace and absentmindedness in an otherwise chaotic world.

The final word

So, there you have it. Handwriting and doodling will provide untold benefits for your brain and wellbeing. Happy scribbling x

Jodi - Chief Thanker 

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